"Teen Mom" star Tyler Baltierra is having a hard time these days coping with all the stress that life has been throwing his way. Not only is he dealing with his wife Catelynn Lowell's rehab stints, he is now also caught in the middle of an alleged cheating scandal. New reports from Radar Online reveal that things are beginning to take a toll on Tyler. Between Catelynn's rehab and issues with depression and suicide, he is holding down the homefront for the couple's three-year-old daughter.

Teen Mom couple Tyler and Cate marriage troubles?

Tyler Baltierra recently shared a video of his daughter in tears asking for her mother and trying to explain to her why her mommy is not at home with them.The videos appeared online just after photos of Tyler emerged showing him with engaging in conversation at a concert with an unknown mystery woman sparked cheating talk.

Tyler Baltierra responds to cheating rumors

"Teen Mom" fans took one look at the photos and immediately began bashing Tyler Baltierra, accusing him of cheating on Cate while she was in rehab seeking medical attention. Tyler clapped back in an angry response to the negative feedback he was receiving asking "Teen Mom" fans 'if they were serious?" He then exploded again to the 'caught cheating' remarks explaining that he was talking with a 50-year-old grandmother, who just also happens to be a fan of the reality series.

Sources close to Tyler revealed to RO that Baltierra is very p***ed off about the cheating rumors and remarks over him being out while Cate is in rehab. As previously reported Catelynn has been in and out of rehab three times in the past several weeks revealing that she had contemplated committing suicide numerous times and knew she needed to get professional help to overcome her mental issues.

He fired back that he is having a hard enough time keeping things together at home with their daughter that he needs to get out too and can't be expected to sit at home hour after hour depressed and crying over the situation. Obviously, Tyler has emotional needs of his own to deal with in order to get through this trying time in his marriage and his young life.

Where to go next

Tyler is definitely getting to his breaking point. Those close to him are worried that he won't be able to take much more revealing that everyone has their breaking point. Do you believe Tyler Baltierra is being unfairly judged or is Catelynn Lowell's mental issues just too much to handle anymore? Are Tyler and Cate going to be strong enough to get through this difficult time in their lives?