Tyler Baltierra has been Catelynn Lowell's rock lately. The original "Teen Mom OG" couple has weathered many storms together but it looks like all the drama is weighing heavily on Tyler. Just days after saying goodbye to Catelynn as she enters rehab for a second 6-week stay in just a few short months, Baltierra is definitely having a rough time.

Tyler struggles with Catelynn gone

On Saturday morning, Tyler took to Twitter and wrote, "I just don't know if I can do this before." He didn't elaborate on what he can't do anymore. Instead, Catelynn's husband dropped the cryptic tweet and then went silent.

Now, "Teen Mom OG" fans are talking about the tweet and trying to figure out exactly what it means.

Is Tyler Baltierra talking about his marriage? Is he talking about staying home with Novalee while Catelynn gets treatment? Is he just really hungry after the intense dieting he's been putting himself through

Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell were married in August 2015 when their daughter Novalee was just 8 months old but they have been together much longer. The pair joined "Teen Mom OG" when Catelyn was pregnant with their first child, Carly. Not knowing what would happen between them or where they are headed in life, they gave Carly up for adoption and have regretted it ever since.

Catelynn Lowell's return to rehab is about so much more than the adoption, though. When fans questioned why she was returning after just two weeks home, Catelynn tweeted that she was returning to rehab to work on her childhood trauma.

Just last week, Tyler tweeted about how proud he was of Catelynn for dealing with her trauma an for being so strong.

Now it looks like he is the one who needs someone to lean on. After reading Tyler's alarming tweet, the feedback from fans ranged from letting him know that he's done more than enough for Catelyn, assuming he was leaving his wife and offering words of support and encouragement. Some commenters even suggested that Tyler has been slimming down because he's ready to move on.

Tyler Baltierra shows off weight loss

Tyler has been on a mission to lose weight and he's been sharing that journey with those who follow him on social media. After vowing to lose his dad bod, Tyler started eating much less, often sharing photos of his small meals and progess pictures of his body with everyone.

Just two days ago, Tyler Baltierra showed off even more diet progress. He proudly posted a side by side comparison of his facial profile and there are definite changes.

Tyler says he lost 26 pounds during his recent effort to shed excess weight and he's looking fabulous.

So what has the "Teen Mom OG" father so upset? Until Tyler Baltierra speaks up and clears the air himself, there's really no telling. Hopefully, those near him will step in and give him whatever break he needs.