"General Hospital" fans are wondering why Sonny's father has suddenly been brought back to the show after an eight-year absence. Ron Gale (who portrayed Mike Corbin for 15 years) decided to retire from acting and now "Barney Miller" alum Max Gail has taken over the role. On Monday, Sonny paid his dad a visit and became concerned with some revelations that came forth. Initially, the mob boss thought Mike was gambling again but by Tuesday it became apparent to viewers that something else was going on. Spoiler alerts say some "GH" fans are beginning to wonder if Mr.

Corbin may be dealing with dementia.

Sonny's dad is a mystery that needs to be solved

Sonny received a call that his father was in trouble and paid him a surprise visit. He found out that Mike is a runner and was supposed to drop off ten thousand dollars, but the recipient insists that the money was not at the drop off point. The mob boss initially believed his father was gambling again but changed his mind when he found all of the missing money inside a cigar box. Earlier, Mr. Corbin had offered his son a cigar from that very same box, so if he knew it was in there he would not have done that. "General Hospital " fans are eager to get to the bottom of this situation.

Mike Corbin is a mystery that Soap Hub believes they have solved. They reference the fact that Dina Mergeron on "The Young and the Restless" has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and is experiencing memory loss. Spoiler alerts cite fans who are certain that "General Hospital" is going to have the same storyline with Sonny's dad.

They also point out that Mike referred to his daughter-in-law Carly as his own deceased daughter Courtney. On "Y&R," Dina is having trouble remembering her daughter Traci, and often refers to her son Jack as his father, John Abbott.

Dementia may be the reason for Mike's issues

Soap Hub points out another similarity between Mike and Dina which is that both were estranged from their children for many years, and now it seems each must be taken care of by the children they neglected.

This is why spoilers and fans alike are speculating that Mr. Corbin's actions are the onset of dementia. Spoilers also leave open the possibility that someone set Mr. Corbin up, but that would mean that they had to gain access to his home, which would bring his girlfriend into question. Considering her sincere appeal to Sonny for help, it does not seem likely that she is guilty.

When Sonny found the money and realized that none of the $10,000 was missing he knew his father was telling the truth. The issue now is why Mike believed he made the drop and why he offered Sonny a cigar from the box without realizing that the missing money was in it. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM to find out what is going on with Mr. Corbin.