Catelynn Lowell has had a rough couple of months. Just before the holidays last year, she entered a treatment program to work on her depression and mental health. That was the second time Lowell left to get help. She returned home after six weeks of treatment, and it appeared she was adjusting well. In the meantime, her husband, Tyler Baltierra took on the role of single parent for their daughter Novalee.

Heading to treatment again

It has only been a few weeks since Catelynn Lowell was released from her second rehab stint. In fact, everyone has been talking about how she is readjusting on social media.

Unfortunately, Lowell still isn't completely well. According to a tweet from her earlier today, she is headed back to a treatment program. It will be another six weeks. This time, Catelynn is hoping that her meds will be altered and she can work through her trauma.

Teen Mom OG” fans are concerned about the reality star because she is going back to treatment for the third time. In fact, last night on the new episode of the hit MTV reality show, Catelynn Lowell admitted she wanted another baby. Tyler Baltierra was also on board provided she would quit smoking cigarettes. This is concerning because after having Novalee, Catelynn battled postpartum depression bad. It is one of the things she is working through while in treatment.

Tyler has been supportive of Catelynn through her struggles and remains constant for their daughter.

Catelynn's trauma

One of the reasons Catelynn Lowell is returning to treatment is to deal with her trauma. She has been in the public eye for several years now. She was once on “16 & Pregnant.” At that point, both Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra decided to give their daughter up for adoption.

Looking back, it looks like there may be some regret there because of that decision, especially after having Novalee. Aside from the adoption issues and the mental health battles, Lowell's childhood was complicated. While the details haven't been laid out, speculation is she was pretty much raising herself for the majority of her teen and pre-teen years.

Many fans have already reached out to the “Teen Mom OG” star to wish her well with her third rehab attempt. Leaving her family isn't easy, but she wants to get better for Tyler Baltierra and their daughter, Novalee. It has been a long battle with mental health issues for Catelynn. Getting help is what she needs to do in order to get her life back on track.