"Teen Mom OG's" Tyler Baltierra has been very supportive of his wife Catelynn Lowell. She is back in rehab for the third time in as many months and has been a mess of tears on the sofa in the living room.

It is something fans of the show are becoming accustomed too. While she may be suffering from depression and anxiety, or just feeling sorry for herself - depending on your own standpoint, she is taking some flack on Twitter. Some fans are distressed as it seems the support in Tyler and Catelynn's marriage is a bit of a one-way street.

'Teen Mom' star Tyler trying to get his life on track

Tyler has been shaping up and eating right and doing his exercises to get his life on track. He is really looking good and has even taken some criticism for doing this, from some fans of 'Teen Mom OG.' A couple of days ago he was questioned about how he could focus on his body while Catelynn was struggling emotionally. He replied that Catelynn was the only person responsible for "managing Catelynn's emotions."

This reaction might indicate how hard it has been for him to keep on supporting his wife while he is having to look after their daughter. If what Tyler Baltierra suggested in his latest tweet is true, this might explain why he seems to be getting fed up with his "Teen Mom OG" partner.

Baltierra suggests Cate is making it hard for him

Tyler Baltierra said in a tweet late February 2, that Catelynn made it hard for him to stick to his diet. He wrote, "When I started my health kick Cate didn’t want to join me & kept ordering pizza & I had to eat my salad while staring at the beauty of that perfect looking, cheesy, pepperoni greatness!

I considered it a test of willpower though lol."

As some fans of "Teen Mom OG" pointed out, Catelynn Lowell should have joined him, as she is putting on weight.

One user posted, "Too bad she doesn't join in she could stand to lose a few pounds!."

Another user tweeted, "Her depression is probably from all the stuff she eats, she needs a healthy lifestyle of eating so she can get all her hormones and emotions back in order. She needs some tough love put your foot down already.She's so used to you just letting her do what she does@TylerBaltierra."

Is the support a one-way street?

It is really hard to diet and take care of your body like Tyer Baltierra has done.

On top of that, he has been supporting his wife Catelynn Lowell the whole time and spending a lot of his time looking after his daughter. Catelynn does not seem to do much supporting the other way around though. One only had to watch her grinning and laughing at Tyler's distressed shock when she announced she was pregnant again, to see that she is not really extending much support towards him.

Now Tyler has explained she would not help him stick to his diet and ate all the wrong takeout foods in front of him. REALI-ET spoke a lot of fans feelings on the whole issue when they simply posted, "Maybe you should be with someone who supports you."

What do think about "Teen Mom OG" couple Tyler Baltierra and his wife Catelynn? Do you think he is doing all the supporting and that it's a one-way street in their relationship? Sound off in the comments below.