After yet another controversial week in the White House, Donald Trump made his way to Mar-a-Lago to get away from the madness in Washington. In response, comedian Bill Maher made sure not to pull any punches when giving his thoughts.

Maher on Trump

Over the last week, two of the biggest stories to dominate the news have involved Donald Trump's State of the Union address and the release of the Nunes memo alleging bias in the FBI against the president. Trump quickly received criticism for his State of the Union response when he took to Twitter to falsely claim it received the highest ratings in history, despite having less viewers than Barack Obama during his last address.

In addition, the backlash to the Nunes memo release has come pouring in once the consensus deemed the memo in question to be a cherry picked partisan attack on the FBI. Commenting on these issues and more was Bill Maher during the February 2 edition of "Real Time" on HBO.

Kicking off his show with his routine monologue, Bill Maher didn't hold back over the current events of the day. After acknowledging Groundhog Day, Maher said, "The only large rat-like creature I am concerned about is Devin Nunes." It's not fair to single him out," Maher added, before explaining, "All Republicans these days are treasonous rats."

"This slow moving coup since before the election kinda picked up speed.

Trump declassified this Nunes memo which was suppose to make us think that our top level law enforcement officials are crooked so Trump can get away with his crimes," Bill Maher stated. "They wrote it. They uncovered it in their printer," Maher said of Nunes memo. "It's a Facebook post you briefly skim before clicking unfriend."The Republicans did not like what the FBI was finding out about Trump so, like the true patriots they are of Russia, they attack the FBI and Justice Department," he added.

Maher on SOTU

On the State of the Union, Bill Maher was not impressed with the president. "The address was delivered by Trump's alternate ego 'teleprompter Trump.' I'm not gonna say that the President of the United States can't read, but it's obvious he doesn't get a lot of practice at it," Maher said to the laughter of his audience.

"During practice he kept referring to it as Siri. He read it so slow. At one point Stormy Daniels pretended to c*m to get him to stop," he joked.

Bill Maher went on to call Trump out for the numerous lies that were told during the State of the Union address, ranging from his remarks on tax cuts, the economy, and ignoring climate change. "Where's the guy at the State of the Union that yells 'you lie' when you need him?" he wondered. "They have the people at the gallery, they call it the stunt casting. There was one that really got to me," Maher said, before mocking Melania Trump by saying, "There was a woman in the gallery who has been forced to be married to Donald Trump for 13 years."