Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer have been married for almost a year now. The couple had a quickie wedding before he entered rehab in May 2017. They decided to go ahead and do things the right way toward the end of 2017, and now, their wedding will be featured in the upcoming episode of “Teen Mom OG.” While it may look like all fun and games, Edwards is showing some pretty telling behaviors as he gets ready for one of the biggest days of his life.

The Backstory

This has been a long time coming for Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer. The two had been dating for quite a while, and initially, Mackenzie was getting along with Maci Bookout really well.

Unfortunately, that didn't last long. “Teen Mom OG” last season was rough for the Edwards clan. Things had been off for a while with Ryan. Fans were asking whether or not he was on drugs for at least a year, and then, it was revealed. Edwards was filmed driving to his May 2017 wedding under the influence. While initially, Mackenzie thought it was Xanax, that was not the case.

Shortly after the scary footage aired, it was revealed Ryan Edwards checked himself into rehab. There were a lot of accusations flying, including blame for not getting him help earlier. Mackenzie Standifer blamed Maci Bookout for exploiting Ryan, but that is not what happened. She denied knowing anything was wrong with her now-husband, saying she thought he was fine.

Bookout had the situation pegged, but her hands were tied. It was later revealed that Edwards was on heroin and spending roughly $10,000 a week on drugs.

Upcoming new episode

In a Sneak Peek for “Teen Mom OG” shared by OK! Magazine, Ryan Edwards is caught using chew and saying he is going to take a shot before the wedding. This isn't shocking to viewers who have been following the show for several years.

Edwards has been drinking since leaving rehab over the summer, and chew is his go-to. Concerns have been tweeted on social media but Mackenzie Standifer isn't addressing the negativity. She wants everyone to believe things are picture perfect, but they clearly aren't. Drinking can lead to other things, and if Ryan isn't prepared, he could relapse.

The new “Teen Mom OG” will air Monday night on MTV. Make sure you tune in to see Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer tie the knot for the second time in a year. Fans will likely react to hearing Ryan is drinking, but the couple will likely ignore the controversy.