An armed man reportedly drove for 11 hours, on January 26, to reach the home of Gavin Free and Meg Turney, a YouTuber celebrity couple living in Austin, Texas. Described as a “disturbed man” in the police report, he allegedly intended to kill Free.

Free and Turney hid in the closet and called 911 as the gunman entered their home. Christopher Giles of Albuquerque, New Mexico, fired at least one gunshot in the house, as reported by the Albuquerque Journal.

Intruder found dead from self-inflicted gunshot

When police arrived at the scene, they pronounced Giles dead at the scene.

The medical examiner stated in an initial report that he had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Austin detectives had been investigating Giles and had a search warrant for his home. In their search warrant, police stated that based on security camera footage taken at 3.40 AM, showing Giles walking around the home with a handgun in hand, it was clear that the intruder’s sole intent was to harm someone in the home.

Man was obsessed with Free and wanted him dead

As reported by the Telegraph, officials later found notes on Giles’ phone which showed him to have developed an obsession with Turney, including one note that stated that he wanted Free “to die alone, with no children.” According to police, Giles was an avid video game player and was well known for watching videos, on YouTube, related to his hobby.

Free and Turney were not injured in the incident and posted to Twitter on Monday to show their gratitude to concerned fans for their support and to thank the Austin Police Department for their speedy response.

Free, along with his partner Daniel Gruchy, runs the new YouTube original series, “The Super Slow Show,” and also hosts the popular, “The Slow Mo Guys” YouTube Original channel.

Their shows feature slow-motion video footage of various scientific experiments. Turney was previously a Rooster Teeth cosplayer and host. Free is also a member of the Rooster Teeth team and has been in the two “Lazer Team” films. Both Free and Turney have a huge following on the video platform.

YouTube celebrities in the news

Being a YouTube celebrity can be a dangerous occupation these days, as popular and controversial Logan Paul recently lost his ad-serving privileges on the video platform. After the scandal over his footage taken in Japan’s Suicide Forest, Paul took things too far once again, by filming himself tasering a dead rat and torturing a koi fish.