From watching the Duggar family for the last couple of years, it is safe to say that they are very strict with their love lives and relationships. For instance, the family doesn’t believe in dating, instead, they follow the practice of courting. In case you aren’t familiar with courting, Jim-Bob described it to Today as “Dating with a purpose.” It is different from dating as the practice includes lots of supervision, limited touching, and chaperoned dates. Well, Kendra and Joseph Duggar, who are now married, are speaking out about their courtship and the troubles they faced.

What did this couple have to say about their courtship?

As mentioned above, this Duggar couple is finally opening up about the struggles they faced in their courtship. In the trailer for the new season of “Counting On” Kendra sits down with the TLC cameras and explains that when she got engaged to Joseph, she had stronger desires to be physical with him. For instance, she said, “I would say when you’re engaged you almost need more chaperones because you’re getting closer,” she said. “The desires are getting stronger.” In the same trailer, this couple struggled with taking engagement photos. The photographer told Joseph to put his hand on Kendra’s hip and he replied, “I’m not sure.” I have attached the trailer for the new season below, which is airing later in the month, so you can see with your own eyes what the Duggars said about courtships.

It is also worth mentioning that this teaser follows Joy-Anna Duggar on her honeymoon with Austin Forsyth. Joy-Anna speaks, in the teaser, about how they have never been alone together and that is obvious in the clips we are shown. They can't seem to keep their hands off of each other.

What about the Duggar family members that aren’t appearing on the television show?

It is rumored that Jill Duggar, and her husband Derick Dillard, won't be appearing on the brand new installment of the show as they have apparently been let go from their TLC contract. The reason the two have been kicked off “Counting On” is because of the way Derick Dillard attacked fellow TLC star Jazz Jennings online for being transgender.

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