There is more drama in the “Teen Mom 2” family, and this time, it isn't about Jenelle Evans or Kailyn Lowry. Adam Lind has been a staple on the show since the beginning because he is the father of Chelsea Houska's daughter, Aubree. The two attempted to make things work in the beginning, but it was clear he wasn't interested in settling down with his daughter's mother. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that Lind is interested in his children either.

Taylor Halbur

Adam Lind dated Taylor Halbur while still filming “Teen Mom 2.” They ended up getting pregnant, and Paislee was born.

There is a four-year difference between the girls. Chelsea Houska has been cordial with Taylor, even meeting to talk with her while filming. Taylor realized what Lind was about and began a Child support case against him. While Houska was hesitant to help her, she did lend a hand when needed. Now, it looks like he isn't involved in either child's life. This isn't surprising as he has ghosted Aubree on several occasions. Luckily for her, Houska married Cole DeBoer who has stood in when Adam hasn't shown up.

There is a lot that has happened in the last several months regarding Adam Lind. His life has spiraled out of control, leading to criminal behavior. Lind was dating Stasia Huber for quite some time before the two split.

That appeared to send him over the edge. She alleged that he was physically abusive, and he was arrested on domestic violence charges. Shortly after, Huber was granted a protective order. Adam violated that and was arrested again. There have also been child support issues for the “Teen Mom 2” dad. He was arrested because of owed child support to both Taylor Halbur and Chelsea Houska.

It was eventually paid, but it wasn't easy to get.

Arrest warrant issued

According to Radar Online, Adam Lind has another warrant out for his arrest. He is wanted because he is behind on child support again. It is only for Taylor Halbur this time, not Chelsea Houska. The money is currently just over $2k, much less than it has been in the past.

It was revealed that Lind was in court earlier this month to have support lowered. Instead of paying over $1k in support a month, the court cut the payment in half.

It is unclear what will happen to Adam Lind when he is arrested. The money is owed and with him refusing to film “Teen Mom 2” recently, it looks like the reality star may have to get an old-fashioned job. With everything going on, he may want to consider filming again.