The Kailyn Lowry and Jenelle Evans drama is heating up. Earlier this week, the two were battling on Twitter and talking about the other. As it turns out, the two were once good friends. Despite the things that have changed over the years, Lowry has made every effort to better herself for her children. Last year, she earned her college degree. While stones have been thrown at her about her private life, she has not had any issues with the law like Evans. In fact, Jenelle's mug shots have been talked about for years. Her arrests will make anyone cringe, and yet, she is still willing to throw shade at her “Teen Mom 2” co-star.

Shade continues

After Kailyn Lowry shaded Jenelle Evans and invited her to come on her podcast to talk about what she has been saying in tweets, things didn't end there. Evans responded that she will be sharing her side, but not on the Coffee Convos podcast. Rumor has it that Jenelle is working on something similar for herself. After a day of back and forth, Kailyn hit below the belt and fans are living for it. In a recent tweet, Lowry talked about the time she sent Jenelle bail money to bond out. Yes, that totally happened. Of course, the two were friends. If she didn't want to help, she would have left Evans high and dry.

With the track record Jenelle Evans has, it is surprising to learn that Kailyn Lowry helped her.

“Teen Mom 2” has been filming for years, and in the beginning, the stars were all friends. Growing apart is bound to happen, but this mess is way more than just that.

New season of 'Teen Mom 2'

A brand new season of “Teen Mom 2” will begin airing shortly after “Teen Mom OG” finishes running the current season.

Not too long ago, there was some talk of a confrontation happening at the reunion. Jenelle Evans is not a fan of Kailyn Lowry or her other co-stars. In fact, her only friend is Briana DeJesus. That is likely only because of their mutual dislike for Lowry. The two “friends” have bantered on social media and have supported one another at different points.

Evans was the only one to welcome DeJesus to the show when she was added last season.

As "Teen Mom" fans sit back and watch the drama unfold, the “Teen Mom 2” stars are gearing up for a brand new season. This Twitter beef has been gaining a lot of attention over the last few days, especially with the not-so-subtle shade being thrown left and right. There are people taking sides, and it looks like Kailyn Lowry may be the favorite in this round.