Last week on "General Hospital" Detective Nathan West was shot by his crazy father Cesar Faison and later died in the hospital. Ryan Paevey (who portrays this beloved character) decided not to renew his contract and fans are going off the rails. Twitter erupted with emotions: from shock and outrage to some people attacking the actor for his decision. Now, Soap Hub has an online petition requesting that the beloved daytime star be brought back to Port Charles. At this particular time, they have garnered close to 12,000 signatures. Those who enjoy daytime drama programs are fiercely loyal and don't mind letting everyone know how they feel.

'GH' viewers react to Nathan's death

Ryan Paevey's character has grown on those who regularly watch "General Hospital," as they have watched him put down roots and expand his family and friends in Port Charles. He was angry with his mother (Liesl) when he found out she hid the truth of his parentage, but now it seems that mother knew best. Obrecht realized that any contact with Faison could be disastrous and her worst fear came to pass as her son is now gone. Soap fans share her grief and it has been a while since the death of a character has caused so much commotion.

Nathan getting shot in front of a pregnant Maxie, then dying after saying he loved her was too much for many fans to bear.

Just when things were settling down for this popular couple, Detective West died. Overzealous fans are now reacting by signing the petition in hopes that Paevey will return to "GH." The thing is, his character was not written off the show, it was Ryan who chose to move on to other projects.

The decision lies with Ryan Paevey alone

Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry, Soap Hub, and Soaps She Knows have insinuated that Nathan may have gone into hiding and will return at a later date. Ryan Paevey has not ruled out a return to Port Charles, but as he is the one who chose to leave, it will be his decision to adjust his schedule in order to return.

Paevey has been involved in other projects including Hallmark Channel movies.

In an interview, he told Soap Hub that it was his intention all along to leave "GH" after four years so he could explore other avenues. The petition could make a difference, or it may have no effect at all on Ryan Paevey's future. Those who watch daytime drama shows are determined to get their favorite character back on "General Hospital," so stay tuned for updates to find out whether or not the viewers can sway the actor to bring Nathan back to his grieving family, friends, and fans.