It's Traditional to give chocolate and other candies as gifts on February 14. You can do something different and surprise your sweetie this year by giving them a Valentine's Day box that is filled with the unexpected. Consider saying I love you with nuts, seeds, and healthy snacks instead. Purchase a pre-packaged box, or fill one with the food items that you know your loved one will enjoy. Imagine the look on his or her face when they find their favorite goodies. Continue the trend each year and you will never again have to wonder what to purchase on sweethearts day.

Non-candy goodies are a great surprise

Imagine the look on your Valentine's face when they open a box that they assume will contain the usually assorted chocolates and find something totally different inside. Some suggestions for replacement items are shelled sunflower seeds, cashews, almonds, sesame sticks, walnuts, or cheese and crackers. You can find mixed assortments online and in local stores or create your own substitute for traditional candy.

Decades ago, Planters Peanut stores would fill large Valentine boxes with one particular snack item such as sunflower seeds or the various type of nuts they had in stock.

The big heart-shaped container giving the allusion of chocolate galore and lends an Element Of Surprise, as once opened it yields a nontraditional snack as a substitute. Giving edibles that are not candy may disappoint a few, but so many more people will surely have a smile on their faces on February 14.

The element of surprise on Valentine's Day

When it comes to February 14, heart-shaped candies, chocolates, roses, jewelry, and lingerie are the typical gifts for Valentine's Day.

Substituting nuts, seeds, and other non-candy healthy snacks increase the element of surprise for your loved one. You may also consider filling the box with their favorite cookies that you purchased or baked yourself. Be creative and have fun by coming up with your own ideas on what to put in the box.

You might also choose to skip the traditional red heart-shaped box and purchase your goodies in one of a different color and shape.

You can also decorate a larger sized container of your own and fill it with more goodies. If you sweetie is diabetic or on a heart-healthy diet, they will appreciate you giving them snacks that are delicious, nutritious, and on their list of acceptable edibles. The idea is to have fun doing something different and unique for Valentine's Day.