Over the last week, Donald Trump has been forced to deal with a variety off issues plaguing his administration. As expected, "Saturday Night Live" was quick to poke fun at the president, as well as his relationship with Fox News.

"SNL" on Trump

Over the last two and a half years, Donald Trump has been the source of humor for many forms of comedy. Fast forward to present day and Trump and his administration have remained fodder for "Saturday Night Live," who were on target with their mockery during the February 3 broadcast.

During the cold open of "Saturday Night Live," "Fox & Friends" were the top targets.

"Devin Nunes FISA memo is out and its a bombshell," a mock Steve Doocy said, before introducing a satirical Hope Hicks to comment on the Nunes memo. "Hi everyone. We love the show over here at the White House. It's playing at full volume during every meetings," she said.

A mock Fox News host then replied, "Two year ago you were a 26-year-old former model working for Ivanka Trump's clothing line. Now you are the White House Communication Director." "Yeah, if you say so.

There's no real jobs here. Everyday it feels like a group of strangers work together to push a beached whale back into the sea," Hicks said. "It's a mess over there. It's deep state stuff. It's disgusting," the mock Brian Kilmeade added.

Baldwin returns

Later in the skit, Alec Baldwin returned to play Donald Trump as he called in the "Fox & Friends" program from the White House bedroom.

"I'm so busy. If you wanna know why I am so out of breath, I'm doing my morning exercise right now," Baldwin said while eating an egg McMuffin.

"Right now I am getting my daily intelligence briefing from you guys.

Your show is so great. Great ratings. But not as great as the ratings for my State of the Union speech which was watched by 10 billion people," Alec Baldwin went on to claim. "Even Paul Ryan said it was better than Martin Luther King's 'I Dream of Jeanie' speech," he added. Baldwin then referenced the Nunes memo, saying, "This memo is the greatest memo since the Declaration of Independence. I don't know, I haven't read either."

Moving forward

While Donald Trump continues to be mocked on a weekly basis by the likes of "SNL," the president has more important issues to worry about. With the recent record drop in the stock market and the Russian investigation heating up, Trump's approval rating still hovers around just 40 percent, even after giving his State of the Union address last Tuesday night.