Spoiler alerts from Celeb Dirty Laundry indicate that some "General Hospital" fans are taking the departure of Ryan Paevey personally. They are attacking him on Twitter but the actor has been quick to counter the disparaging comments. His days as Detective Nathan West are coming to a close and some viewers are protesting way too much and allowing their claws to show. He is taking it all in stride because his last episodes have been taped. At the end of Tuesday's episode, Maxie watched her husband flatline which may possibly indicate that for those who are faithfully watching, this may be the end of the line.

Paevey has already moved on to greener pastures

Ryan Paevey has been moonlighting by taking roles in Hallmark Channel movies for quite some time. He is rumored to be leaving "General Hospital" to pursue his career in other areas and he is not the first soap star to do so. It's natural for soap fans to feel some kind of way when a favorite actor decides to leave, but Twitter erupting with such negativity indicates how people will type and tweet things they would not say to someone's face.

On Tuesday, as his wife was by his side, Nathan came out of the coma long enough to say "I love you, Maxie," and then he flatlined. Whatever happens on air, Ryan Paevey did not renew his contract and his character's days in Port Charles are over.

Spoilers say it's possible that he will not die and may be taken somewhere to protect him from his crazy father. CDL also teased that Nathan could fake his own death and send for his wife and child later. One thing is certain, however, and that is the fact that spoilers say Paevey has already moved on to greener pastures.

Don't close the door on Detective Nathan West

One reason that Nathan's death is resounding so hard, is because of the way his character was developed. Initially, he was just a guy who showed up at Maxie's front door and later became her lover. Later, there was uncertainty as to whether or not Ms. Jones would choose Detective West or go back to Spinelli.

Next, there was the issue of finding out that Liesl was his mother and Nina his cousin rather than his sister. Through all of these changes, we saw a bromance develop in Port Charles with Nathan and Dante Falconeri.

Unfortunately, twice when Kirsten Storms was on hiatus from "General Hospital," her TV husband had to work with two different actresses who filled in for her. The third time Maxie was away, his character was involved in the very unpopular "Ask Man Landers" storyline. For some fans, it may seem that just as Nathan was given meatier work, and just as he found out that Faison is his father, he decided to leave, but that's show business. Fans should not close the door on Detective Nathan West just yet because Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that there could be a recast, or that Ryan may return down the road.