On Wednesday's episode of "General Hospital," detective Nathan West was officially declared dead. His family, friends and fellow police officers were all in shock and expressing their grief in different ways. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry hint that the suffering is only beginning and Port Charles residents should brace themselves as more tragedy is sure to come. The entire town is in mourning and Maxie, Leisl and Nina are having an especially difficult time dealing with this new reality. If spoilers are correct, they will not even have time to grieve properly before additional mayhem and even death comes their way.

Nathan's death rocks Port Charles

On Wednesday, Nathan's mother, wife, and sister were inconsolable after he was pronounced dead. Mac and Felicia tried to comfort Maxie, but it was to no avail. Jordan and the police department were somber, while Dante and Lulu seemed absolutely devastated. Even Faison reacted when Peter told him that he had killed his own son. Spoilers indicate that a lot of possible scenarios may take place in Port Charles, and, as a result, some residents may be rocked to the core.

Celeb Dirty Laundry suggests that Maxie may become so distraught over her husband's demise that it could put her unborn child in jeopardy.

Ms. Jones will begin to wonder if she will lose the child as well. Spoilers also indicate that at some point Lulu could be in the doghouse because her best friend will say that her pursuit of Faison is the reason Nathan was shot. Liesl has already begun blaming Lulu, and Dante believes Peter is at fault, while Mr. August placed the blame squarely on his father's shoulders.

The floodgates of uncertainty descend on Nathan's loved ones

Nathan's body is not yet cold but the floodgates of uncertainty have already descended upon his family and friends. Spoilers indicate that Jason is going to tell everyone that Faison died, but the death will prove to have been faked because the madman escapes.

This leaves a number of Port Charles residents who will want to find and kill him. Jason wants him dead but only after he gets answers.

Anna asked Jason to murder Faison but Liesl told Anna to do it herself. There is no love lost between Cesar and Peter, who is angry that Nathan was wanted by his father while he was rejected. Nina was stopped by her husband and a guard from going into the madman's hospital room as she shouted that he killed her brother. Celeb Dirty Laundry also teased that there is a connection between Cesar and Valentine which has yet to be explored. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM.