"General Hospital" executive producer Frank Valentini recently did an interview with Celeb Dirty Laundry, where he dished the "JaSam" and "Dream" controversy in Port Charles. He spoke about the amazing "Killy" chemistry and even brought up overzealous fans who are attacking the actors on social media. Valentini was careful however not to give away any pertinent details and refused to say which man Sam will choose at the end of the nine-month arc. The show is close to the halfway point, and it looks like anxious viewers are going to have to watch and wait until this exciting storyline brings itself to a conclusion.

GH fans are divided over JaSam and Dream

Frank Valentini told CDL that he enjoys GH viewers expressing their passion regarding which man Sam will end up with. He expressed disappointment however over the fact that some have become mean-spirited, and have said some ugly things about the men and women who portray the characters in Port Charles. A while back Kelly Monaco addressed this very issue by going on social media pleading with fans to share their views without attacking the actors.

The executive director says that fans continue to be divided over which couple will emerge at the end of this storyline. Many GH fans were delighted that Steve Burton returned and was proven to be Jason, while others are on the "dream" team and disappointed that Billy Miller's role was changed.

Valentini says he is delighted with Miller's performance and how he is embracing the role of Drew. He continues to remain mum however on whether or not "JaSam" will win ou tin the end.

Valentini dishes the "Killy" effect

Frank Valentini also spoke to CDL about the amazing chemistry between Billy Miller and Kelly Monaco who are very good friends off-screen.

He also said that many "Killy" fans who wanted Miller to be Jason are slowly coming around and accepting that he is now Drew. The executive producer said he knew all along that this change would work because he could not go wrong with the amazing actors he is working with on the show.

"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that the love triangle will continue and Sam will remain torn between the two men she loves.

Eager fans wanting a hint of how this storyline will conclude got no clue from Valentini. His interview with CDL only indicated that viewers should keep watching "GH" which airs weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM on ABC. Be sure to stay tuned and not miss one episode.