lisa marie presley has stepped her game up. The only daughter of legendary King of Rock and Roll elvis presley wants her money back and is now suing her ex-manager, according to new reports from the celebrity news site TMZ.

As previously reported, Lisa Marie revealed she is millions of dollars in debt. This news recently came out after she and fourth husband Michel Lockwood filed for divorce. Lockwood is demanding nearly half a million dollars to cover his legal fees and $40,000 a month spousal support from Lisa. Lisa claims she can't afford to pay because she is broke and living with her daughter, Riley Keough.

The question is: What happened to Presley's inheritance from Elvis and all the money that Elvis Presley Enterprises and Graceland makes?

Presley fights back

Many believed that Lisa was to inherit hundreds of millions of dollars, however, the fact is that by the time Elvis passed away his money had dwindled away to only around $5 million for Lisa. That being said, by the time Lisa turned 25, her mother, who had taken charge of her father's estate, had turned Elvis Presley Enterprises into $100 million for Lisa Marie.

In the 25 years since Lisa obtained possession of her trust, she now claims that her ex-business manager made failed investments to the tune of $100 million. Today, Lisa Marie is fighting back and filed the documents suing Barry Siegel for exactly $100 million.

Siegel even sold off 85 percent of Lisa's interest in 2005.

Like father, like daughter

LMP also claims that Siegel never gave her any heads up that things with the business ventures were going badly, or let her know that she was living a life that she could not afford. Now, everyone is coming at Lisa Marie for money owed for mortgages, credit cards, back taxes, and Michael Lockwood, who believes Lisa owes him big for ten years of marriage.

Some Presley fans are concerned that Lisa, who is very much like her father, Elvis, could fall off the wagon due to all the extreme pressure this divorce, custody case, and financial catastrophe has put on her over the past two years.

It is going to a long haul for Lisa Marie Presley to get back on her feet financially. Hopefully the courts can get this King-sized money mess in order and Lisa Marie can get back to business as usual. As for Michael Lockwood, it does not appear that he plans to back off anytime soon. It looks like LMP is going to be spending a lot of time and money on these legal matters.