Lisa Marie Presley and soon to be ex-husband, Michael Lockwood's, divorce case is getting nastier by the minute. Lockwood claims Presley is trying to put one over on him and the courts. The two are locking horns, and Michael Lockwood says Lisa Marie Presley is lying according to a new report from Radar Online. Lockwood says Presley can't keep her story straight on her debt and keeps raising the total on her debt.

Michael Lockwood demands spousal support

As previously reported, Lockwood believes Elvis Presley's daughter should pay him and pay him big he is suing Presley for thousands a month in child support and also wants her to flip the bill for his legal fees.

The celebrity news site obtained copies of the feuding couple's court documents which reveals Presley is in debt millions of dollars and can't afford to pay the ridiculous amounts that Lockwood is demanding.

However, Lockwood states he is having a hard time believing that Presley is as broke as she is claiming. When they first filed for divorce in February of 2017 Presley claimed she was $7.8 million in the hole, and now just eight months later, she has more than doubled that original amount. His legal team also states that Lisa Marie Presley is holding out and still refuses to hand over her full portfolio of assets and investments. Lockwood has also more or less insinuated that Presley is hiding cash from him and the courts.

Where is all the Elvis money?

So far, Lockwood has been denied his request for spousal support and he is not happy. He feels 10 years of marriage and working for and with the King's only child entitles him to the support. He also states that Presley's nasty and allegedly false accusations about inappropriate conduct with the couples twin daughters Harper and Finley have damaged his reputation and credibility meaning no one will give him a job.

Some of Presley's fans, however, are wondering just how she managed to blow through the large inheritance she received from her late father's estate. Presley blames her debt on mistrusting her financial manager. The 50-year-old singer is also saying that she has made no money as a musician herself, and today, she is forced to live rent-free with her daughter and pay for two full-time nannies for her twins.

Presley's lawyer did talk with Lockwood's as they attempted a settlement offer. The amount offered is unknown, but it has been allegedly revealed that the amount was considerably low, and would not even cover his legal fees. Not only are Presley and Lockwood battling it over money, they are fighting each other for custody of their daughters. It is going to be a long battle for these two. I just hope when it comes to the twins they can learn to play nice and do what is in their best interest. This will be Lisa Marie Presley's fourth divorce.