elvis presley was a living legend, and rarely is his name mentioned where someone doesn't know who he is. From the very start of his career, Elvis Presley could have had his pick of any woman he desired. While he did love and care very deeply for his former wife, priscilla presley, there was a secret that Elvis kept, one that caused him many years of heartache and loneliness.

Should Elvis have chosen Ann Margret?

According to a new report from Hollywood News Daily, the one woman in Elvis Presley's life that he truly, completely loved and trusted was actress Ann Margret. Fans may disagree stating that Elvis Presley only loved his wife, the mother of Lisa Marie, Priscilla Presley, but there was a lot more to the story than some may know.

Elvis Presley hid his secret pain for years

Those closest to Elvis have all agreed, though Elvis adored Priscilla, it was not a passionate love. It was a love of innocence and admiration. He saw Priscilla mostly as a child, and then a mother figure to his daughter. But Elvis never really saw Priscilla as a woman. From the moment Elvis and Ann locked eyes on the film set of "Viva Las Vegas" there was a heated chemistry about them, and it was obvious that the two were hooked.

Despite having Priscilla at home, Elvis gave very little thought to her when he was with Ann. She was the one he truly loved and considered his soul mate. As filming went on, Presley and Margret grew closer and closer and it was beginning to weigh on Elvis' mind how to handle the situation.The relationship continued to grow intense, and Ann and Elvis' attraction to each other was uncontrollable.

Margret describes their passion as wild, it was nothing she had ever felt for anyone before. It became so obvious to the film crew and cast that Elvis finally had to take some time to himself and figure out what he was going to do about the women.

How life could have been different

Elvis Presley's one-time friend and bodyguard Red West spoke of Elvis' relationship with Ann comparing it to a "house fire." But something had to be done, choices needed to be made.

Elvis knew he was in love with Priscilla, but it was nothing compared to what he felt for Margret. He saw Cilla as an innocent child; someone who he wanted to marry and have children with, someone who he had already made a promise and commitment to.

After long consideration, Elvis finally made a painful decision between the two women.

He decided, in the end, it was best for all concerned for him to be a man of his word, and keep his commitment and promises to Priscilla. It broke his heart, and it was a pain that never left Elvis' heart. Today, Ann still comes to tears when she speaks of Elvis Presley and the special relationship they once shared.

Thinking back to all those years ago, how do you believe Elvis Presley's life would have turned out for him had he chosen Ann Margret over Priscilla Presley? Do you believe Elvis Presley made the right choice?