Good news, "This Is Us" fans! Many viewers are wondering when the Pearsons will return to the small screen. The show has not been on air since the devastating Super Bowl Sunday reveal, but will return next Tuesday, Feb. 27. And yes, Americans are glued to the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, but we can continue to cheer on our Olympians while simultaneously looking forward to our regularly scheduled programming, right?

Twitter advice

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin Pearson on the show, is no stranger to Twitter. He and fellow stars of the show frequently tweet about the more emotional moments, praise one another's performances, or reply to eager fans reaching out.

As it turns out, a certain superstar appeared on his timeline, prompting an endearing exchange. And it all started with this tweet from Kim Kardashian:

(@KimKardashian: I'm starting to watch This Is Us. Who watches it? Is it good?)

First of all, on behalf of "This Is Us" fans everywhere, welcome to the emotional roller coaster, Kim. Secondly, yes, it is good. And yes, Twitter has become the outlet for many fans to put their reactions into words (and GIFS). Hartley took the time to address his newest potential fan and replied to the tweet late Wednesday night.

(@justinhartley: I watch it.

I think it's worth a look. If it were me, I would watch it from the beginning. A good time to start if you ask me. Not too along in the series yet enough episodes to binge if you feel. You'll laugh, you'll cry...#ThisIsUs)

Just like everyone recommending any show to anyone, ever, Hartley offered thoughtful advice to the reality star.

If one thing holds true, it's this: you'll laugh and you'll cry. But remember, it's not all sad tears.

If Kardashian didn't know who he was before, it's safe to say she does now.

Quick reminder

If you're a little fuzzy, or if this small break in programming was welcome after that heartbreaking installment, you might need a refresher about where the show left off. Obviously, Jack's cause of death is the big reveal.

We find out he suffered a heart attack from complications of smoke inhalation after the fire. No one seemed to take it well, and are clearly still battling their grief on the 20th anniversary of his passing, which happened to be Super Bowl Sunday.

When will it return?

"This Is Us" returns to NBC after the Olympics, on Feb. 27 at 9 p.m. EST. Even if you are still distraught, to quote Hartley, "I think it's worth a look."