lisa marie presley has been ordered by the courts to pay soon-to-be-ex-husband Michael Lockwood $100,000 to cover his legal fees. $100,000 might as well be a million dollars at this point with Lisa Marie Presley's current financial situation. However, it could be worse for the daughter of the King of Rock and Roll, he could have won the original amount of $450,000.

Small but stressful victory for Lisa Marie Presley

The worst part...Lisa has only thirty days to pay Michael Lockwood. This could be a tough task for Presley who has recently revealed she is broke, has no income, and is living with her daughter.

It is not clear how she will manage to come up with the cash for Lockwood's legal fees in such a short amount of time.

Will Priscilla Presley help her daughter in her time of need?

Perhaps her mother Priscillia Presley will step up and make an offer to help out her daughter in her time of need. Priscilla is said to be worth about $100 million herself according to a report from Wealtholio in 2017. It has been a very trying few months for Lisa Marie. Lockwood claims she is totally lying about her finances, saying she brings in more money than she spends.

But, Lisa's former business manager Barry Siegel claims Lisa has a problem with overspending beyond her means. Which is part of her money problem.

Presley claims it was Siegel's poor management and bad business deals that wiped out all her Elvis Presley inheritance.

As previously reported, Lisa Marie revealed in court papers that she was not only broke, but that she also suffered a very serious drug problem with cocaine and prescription pills during the last two years of her marriage.

This could pose a few issues for LMP. First off, there is a custody case between Lisa and Michael for the couple's twin daughters, Harper and Finley. So, hopefully coming clean about her past issues will work for her and not against her.

It could also reveal to the courts where a lot of Lisa's money has gone. Between buying drugs and checking into very expensive rehab facilities (five times according to Presley), it may help with the outrageous amount of spousal support Lockwood is demanding per month.

It has not been revealed when Presley and Lockwood's divorce hearing will wrap up, so it remains to be seen whether or not things will go Lisa's way.

It is going to continue to be a long road for Lisa Marie Presley. Do you agree with the Judge's order so far?