Jeremy Calvert is absolutely appalled by David Eason's recent rant against the LGBT community. Days after Eason shared a number of shocking statements, which resulted in the reality star being fired from "Teen Mom 2," Calvert took to Instagram live to share his thoughts on the scandal.

"[Jenelle Evans'] apology is cracking me up," Jeremy Calvert told fans. According to Evans' co-star, Evans' statements about David Eason allegedly being unaware of how his statements would be seen in the world of cyberspace were completely outlandish. As fans may have heard, Evans made it sound as if her husband should be forgiven for viciously taking aim at the LGBT community because he was unaware of how Twitter works.

That said, as Calvert pointed out, the couple certainly uses Twitter a whole lot for not understanding the platform.

David Eason and Jenelle Evans should be in hiding

Jeremy Calvert went on to say that if he had behaved in the way that David Eason and his wife have behaved in recent days, he would be afraid to leave his home and ashamed to show his face publicly. While it is unclear if Evans and Eason have been out of their house since his homophobic Twitter rant was shared, Eason deleted his Twitter page after the drama erupted and his reality star wife has been taking a break from social media as well.

In addition to his criticism of Eason's comments, Calvert also brought Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith's three-year-old son Kaiser into his discussion, stating that Griffith should do whatever he can to gain custody of the child.

He also said that he shouldn't let money be an issue in his potential battle for custody.

What has Nathan Griffith said about David Eason's comments?

After David Eason said that children should be taught to steer clear of the LGBT community, Griffith took to his Twitter page to share a public statement about recent tragedies and love for all.

"God bless and remember that God is the only one that judges and loves all his children of all races, sex, personal orientation and belief." Griffith then admitted that while he is far from perfect and has been ignorant about certain issues in the past, he doesn't want to hurt or offend anyone.

To see more of Jeremy Calvert and his co-stars, including Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer, Nathan Griffith, Leah Messer, Corey Simms, Briana DeJesus, and Chelsea Houska, tune into the new season of "Teen Mom 2" later this year on MTV.