"The Walking Dead" Season 8 opened up with two supposed flashforward scenarios. One of them showed us the old Rick in Alexandria, while the other one featured a teary-eyed Rick in what seemed to be the near future, talking about how his mercy prevailed over his wrath. Then, in the winter finale, Carl's bite was revealed and everyone assumed that the Alexandria vision was Rick's dream because it had Carl in it and the second flashback actually showed Rick at Carl's gravesite.

The recent episode explained that the future Rick vision is in fact, Carl's perception of the future, while the red-eyed "my mercy prevailed over my wrath" Rick scene is something that will probably take place in the season finale.

However, what confused fans the most, was that mysterious last shot of the episode where we saw Rick lying against the tree, bleeding. With that said, let's discuss how these scenes might tie into the events that will ultimately lead to the end of the "All Out War." But first, spoiler alert, because we are about to discuss some events from the comics.

What happened in 'The Walking Dead' comics?

In the comics, Negan decided to attack the Hilltop at full force. But not before they rubbed the walker gunk all over their weapons so the enemies could die from infection even if their wounds were not fatal. The "Saviors" then attacked the Hilltop. And at one point, Negan saw Rick and then ordered Dwight to shoot him with a gunk infected bolt.

And Dwight, who didn't want to blow his cover, obeyed Negan's order and proceeded to shoot Rick. However, unbeknownst to them at that time, the bolt wasn't infected. So everyone but Dwight was led to believe that Rick would die from infection.

What will happen on the show?

During one of "The Walking Dead" teaser trailers for the second part of Season 8, we saw Negan bashing a walker in front of other Saviors.

And given how excited he is while looking at Lucille covered with walker blood, it stands to reason that he might want to put a bacteria on it, as with the comics.

As for that shot of Rick lying against the tree, this could be him wounded, thinking how he is going to die and processing everything that has been going on throughout the season.

Also, according to YouTube user Make A Path Presents there is also a bolt from the crossbow sticking out of his side. This scene will probably take place after the final stand-off with Negan where they will both end up injured. And the phrase, "my mercy prevailed over my wrath," could be Rick contemplating his decision to spare Negan's life, thinking how he kept the promise.

Check out Make A Path Presents' video for more details about this theory.