Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert have their fans wondering if they are back together once again. There have been rumors in the past that they were reuniting and these are out once again. Fans would love to hear that they are together again.

The 'Teen Mom 2' star has fans thinking she is in a relationship

Before going out with Jeremy, Leah went to her Twitter and shared "You make me wanna write a song ♥,." This tweet had everyone thinking that she is in a relationship of some kind now. Well put that together with being spotted with Jeremy later and you know the rumors are going to fly.

Honestly, Leah had to know that she was going to make rumors fly.

Leah and Jeremy have been seen flirting with each other on social networks more than once, so maybe there is something to the rumors about these two. They haven't tried to keep it quiet at all that they are getting along, but that doesn't mean they are dating again for sure either.

Why do fans think they are back together?

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert were actually seen together and they weren't hiding it. Jeremy is Leah's second ex-husband and the two went out to dinner together. They were sitting across from each other and having dinner together. Leah shared it on her Instagram and wasn't shy about it. They seemed to be having a good time with their smiles on their face.

Jeremy Calvert even shared one more thing and that was that this dinner was actually filmed for "Teen Mom." He posted on SnapChat showing a camera crew that had been there with them. This could mean they were just meeting up to talk about things or these two are back together. Regardless of what they were doing, this should end up airing on a future episode of "Teen Mom 2." It hasn't been confirmed when the show will start airing again, but since "Teen Mom OG" is airing right now the rumors are that it will end up coming back in the next few months when "Teen Mom OG" is done airing.

On the reunion show for "Teen Mom 2," Dr. Drew didn't hold back and asked Jeremy if they were back together, but he didn't share the details either. Instead, it all just got awkward and he didn't give out any details.

Do you think that Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are back together again? Do you think that these two should be together?

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