Amber Portwood is caught in the middle of some serious drama. Not only are two of her closest friends dealing with miscarriages, but she is stuck with rumors swirling about the paternity of her baby. Portwood and Matt Baier were together for quite a while. During their relationship, she commented to the “Teen Mom OG” cameras that she was not having a baby with him because it would jeopardize her mental health. Amber had been on medication to control her disorders, and becoming pregnant while on the meds could have affected the baby.

Due date revealed

It was recently revealed that Amber Portwood would be welcoming her second child in May. The actual due date is May 13, which puts conception in August. The timing is reportedly sketchy as some fans have pointed out. In the earlier episodes of “Teen Mom OG” this season, Portwood was still debating on whether or not to make things work with Matt Baier. He was in Las Vegas, and she contemplated going to visit him. Shortly after, Amber began seeing Andrew Glennon. She had met him while filming “Marriage Boot Camp” with Baier.

According to Radar Online, the identity of the baby's father is up in the air. Amber Portwood insists that Andrew Glennon is the father, and he seems to believe he is as well.

In fact, in a recent sneak peek, the couple is arguing about whether or not to find out the gender of their baby when they can. They obviously did as it was revealed they were expecting a little boy. Amber was upset Andrew wanted to wait because she wanted to be prepared. She was concerned the child would be a boy, and she was right.


It looks like everything points to Andrew Glennon being the father. The only doubts are coming from “Teen Mom OG” fans and parody accounts on Twitter. Amber Portwood revealed she ended things with Matt Baier in May 2017, which would make it impossible for him to be the father. Although she may have continued to sleep with him after they split, August was definitely when she was with Andrew.

This chaos is getting under Portwood's skin, especially because all of the theories have different details.

In just a few short months Amber Portwood will be welcoming her second child. Andrew Glennon appears to be dedicated to her despite his background. It was revealed he had a restraining order against him filed by an ex-girlfriend. A second one was filed but that was not granted by the judge. Glennon seems to have some skeletons in his closet, but nothing like Matt Baier had when hooking up with Amber.