Lala Kent recently gave tons of new details regarding her two-year romance with movie producer Randall Emmett. Although Kent hasn't allowed Emmett to film with her on "Vanderpump Rules," the reality star and SUR Restaurant hostess recently began posting photos of her boyfriend on Instagram and earlier this week, she explained the dynamic of their relationship.

“We don’t go out of our way to keep it super super private,” she explained to The Daily Dish on February 20. According to Lala Kent, the criticism she often receives from fans has made it quite easy to keep certain things to herself.

“I posted pictures on Instagram and I just I read certain things online and I sat there and I’m like, ‘Wow, this is going to be really easy to not put him out like that and put our relationship out there like that,'” she said. “It’s something I hold near and dear to my heart," Kent continued of her relationship. "I’ve never felt this way about somebody before.”

Lala Kent keeps Randall Emmett away from 'Vanderpump Rules'

"We are very much committed and in love with each other but he has his world and I have mine and then we have ours together," Lala Kent said. As she explained, she feels it is important for people to separate their work place from their personal space and keep their relationships sacred.

That said, she does mention Randall Emmett from time to time on the show and throughout the past two episodes, she's been forced to defend him against the ongoing antics of James Kennedy, who recently said Kent was only with Emmett for his money.

Despite the online drama, Lala Kent said her relationship with Randall Emmett has a lot of balance.

“He puts me in check while also embracing my craziness and honestly, he’s crazy too," she noted. "So I don’t think anyone would put up with him in the way that I do. We level each other out.”

Why is Lala Kent wearing a ring on the ring finger of her left hand?

“This was just kind of a commitment ring, I guess," Lala Kent told The Daily Dish.

"I hate using the word promise ring because that’s like so junior high and high school, but what’s crazy is that no one noticed it last season. I’ve had it for a really long time.“ “He just gave it to me to let me know he is committed to me," she continued. We call it ‘the ring before the ring,’ but we are in no rush… no rush to get engaged, no rush to get married. He’s the person who puts up with me because I am a nightmare.”

Lala Kent can be seen on season six of "Vanderpump Rules" on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.