Catelynn Lowell has had a rough couple of months. She checked herself into rehab back in November, and then after only being home a few days, returned to treatment for the second time. The news of Lowell heading back to Arizona was shocking to “Teen Mom OG” fans who believed she was doing better. What no one knew what that Lowell and her husband, Tyler Baltierra suffered a devastating loss.

Pregnancy announcement

On the current season of “Teen Mom OG,” Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra confirmed they were expecting another child. The news was a shock to the reality star's husband because she didn't tell him her birth control was removed.

Lowell surprised Baltierra with the news by buying Novalee a big sister shirt and putting her in it. He was overjoyed because he had been wanting another baby for quite some time. Both mothers were told the news, though Tyler's mom's reaction was cut during the editing process. It appeared that things were going well for the couple.

Rumors of something terrible happening began swirling when the episode aired announcing the pregnancy. Catelynn Lowell had not announced the news on social media and neither had Tyler Baltierra. Nothing had been confirmed about a miscarriage either. The news leaked, but no one was ready to talk. It is being assumed that Lowell checked herself into rehab shortly after experiencing the loss.

Miscarriage confirmation

According to Radar Online, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra will confirm they lost the baby in the upcoming episode of “Teen Mom OG.” Catelynn cried, "I really wanted that baby" according to Radar Online. If time sequence is playing out like it did in the moment, this would be in early November. That would coincide with Lowell's meltdown and the trip to treatment.

She had been experiencing terrible thoughts, ones that were overpowering. Catelynn revealed she had thought of every way possible to kill herself.

The upcoming “Teen Mom OG” episode is going to be emotional for everyone to watch. Catelynn Lowell remains in rehab while Tyler Baltierra is at home with their daughter, Novalee. He went to see her last week and shared a photo on social media.

The couple is working through the tragedy, and they will be stronger than ever. Tyler loves Catelynn, and he will continue to walk this journey with her. They are stronger together, and they are proving that with each day that passes.