The end of Lala Kent and james kennedy's friendship is starting to play out on the currently airing sixth season of "Vanderpump Rules." During Monday's new episode of the popular Bravo TV reality show, the co-stars sat down to discuss their ongoing issues after Kennedy blasted Kent's demeanor and boyfriend, movie producer Randall Emmett, in a confessional scene.

"[Lala Kent]'s walking around thinking she's better than other people, and you can't blame her because with [Randall Emmett] comes the high life," James Kennedy explained during his cast confessional, via a report by TooFab on February 19.

Kennedy then said that without Emmett, Kent would have no Range Rover, no Chanel, and no private jet.

During a scene from the show, Kent confronts Kennedy about coming for her and her boyfriend by asking if he was referring to their lunch date episodes ago, during which he called Emmett a "fat man." During the same lunch date, Kennedy said that his co-star was only sleeping with the producer because it was keeping her bills paid.

Lala Kent threatens James Kennedy

As soon as Kennedy brings up the incident from the previous episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Kent becomes upset and slams him for saying her boyfriend was fat yet again. She then tells Kennedy to shut "the f***" up and threatens to draw blood from his face if he speaks of Randall Emmett one more time.

"Sit the f*** down, b****," she tells him.

As their feud continues, James Kennedy becomes emotional and seems to confirm that he is simply jealous of the relationship Lala Kent has with Emmett. As he explains, she's finally happy and discussing a future and a new home with her boyfriend, which are things that he wants for his own life.

Lala Kent has cut James Kennedy out of her life

After watching the "fat man" comment play out on "Vanderpump Rules," Kent released a statement on Twitter, confirming that she is no longer willing to entertain a friendship with Kennedy. Then, earlier this week, while appearing on "Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen and fellow guest Carl Radke, Kent further confirmed their friendship was over, telling Cohen that Kennedy didn't add anything positive to her life.

Lala Kent and James Kennedy can be seen in "Vanderpump Rules" on Mondays at 9 p.m. on Bravo. Randall Emmett, meanwhile, has remained off-camera and will likely continue to remain unseen as the seasons of the show continue to air.