Last week Fans were shocked when Wendy Williams had to cancel a few shows for being sick. She has taken a vacation in the past but has never taken a sick day. Now, Wendy is sharing that there is more to her health issues than she let on at first and she will actually be taking three weeks off from the show. When Wendy took those first days off, she was sure she would be back and everything would return to normal this week. Wendy did return to tell her fans what was going on and why she wouldn't be around the next three weeks as originally planned.

What is going on with Wendy?

Wendy Williams has actually decided to take off for three weeks due to issues with hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. She shared that she was really mad when the doctor told her she needs to take three weeks off work. Wendy doesn't like to take breaks like that from her job. Right now she needs the time off and just doesn't have a choice but to do it. You have to listen to the doctor's orders.

Her rep went on to explain more in a statement. Wendy has to do what is best for her health. She will be keeping fans updated for sure because she is known for sharing what is going on with her and speaking her mind. It is going to be hard on Wendy to just lay around in bed and recover.

She is so used to going non-stop and working hard. Wendy could go crazy taking it easy for such an extended time period.

When Wendy Williams took off last week, she had flu-like symptoms but said it wasn't the flu. She took three days off and thought she would be back for good after that, but it turns out that isn't the case at all.

Hopefully, Wendy can actually return after her three-week break as planned. She would be pretty upset if she couldn't get back to her viewers as planned.

Plans for next three weeks

Wendy Williams is going to be taking a break to rest for the next three weeks. She is also going to be showing reruns of her show while she is gone, so if you missed any of her other episodes then it is time to catch up.

It doesn't sound like she has any plans of being on the show at all, but knowing Wendy she might decide to do a few little live updates or something for her fans on how her health is doing.

Are you shocked to hear that Wendy Williams is taking off for so long? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "The Wendy Williams Show" weekdays when she returns. Hopefully, when Wendy comes back she is doing better, but these are health issues she will continue to deal with throughout her life.