Lala Kent and Randall Emmett's relationship has been a hot topic on "Vanderpump Rules" for the past couple of seasons and on the upcoming episode of season six, james kennedy will be seen putting in his two cents on their romance. Following a heated fight earlier this month on the show, Kent will be seen sitting down with her former friend.

On February 17, the Celebrity Insider shared a sneak peek at the upcoming episode, revealing that the conversation between Kent and Kennedy began in an effort to discuss where their relationship stood after Kennedy lashed out at Randall Emmett.

As fans may recall, Kennedy took aim at Emmett weeks ago, claiming that he was nothing more than a "fat man" Kent was sleeping with only because he paid her bills.

Lala Kent doesn't want James Kennedy bad-mouthing her man

In the preview clip, Lala Kent was seen asking for her then-friend to stop taking aim at her boyfriend publicly. In response, James Kennedy said while he isn't trying to “sink her ship,” he doesn't have the best view of who Emmett is because he's only met him on three different occasions. “I’ve loved you, so you have to understand…I’m not used to it yet,” Kennedy admitted.

Kent went on to tell Kennedy that despite their past, they have to make a point to give one another's significant others respect.

She also said that just because they are dating other people after their season four fling doesn't mean that their friendship needs to come to an end. As Kent moved on from her fling with Randall Emmett two years ago, Kennedy began dating Raquel Leviss and she is often featured on the series.

Lala Kent and Randall Emmett's relationship isn't seen on 'Pump Rules'

Although Kent has mentioned her boyfriend on the Bravo reality series, she hasn't allowed her boyfriend to film any scenes for the show. In fact, while she previously shared a few photos of the two of them on her Instagram page, she has since removed all of her Emmett-related posts and is now keeping her relationship protected.

That said, Kent has made it clear on a number of occasions that she and her boyfriend are going strong and continue to share images from his private jet. As for Kennedy, he and Leviss have also confirmed they are still on with their frequent social media posts about one another.

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