Last night on a new episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Kevin Lee ended up body shaming Katie Maloney and really upsetting her with how it went down. She was serving at a party for Lisa Vanderpump when he gave her a hard time about the fact that she has put on weight. She has been working out hard over the last year and focusing on her body. Now Katie is talking about being body shamed by him and she isn't holding back about how it made her feel.

What did Katie have to say about Kevin's comment?

Katie explained that when this happened to her she was very uncomfortable about it all.

She went on to say, "Obviously I’m there working for Lisa at her event, we all wanted it to special and go really well for her and I don’t know Kevin … I had a hard time processing what he was saying to me. I literally thought he told me I looked good and then he kept going.” Lisa Vanderpump has known Kevin for a while, but Katie didn't know him well.

Maloney admits that for a long time she had struggled with body image. As the viewers saw, she walked away and talked to Lisa about what happened. Lisa did help lift her up. As Katie explained, everyone including her is used to seeing this kind of thing on social networks, but in real life, right in your face, the way he did it is totally different.

Lisa was on her side, though and obviously very upset that Kevin said this as well.

Kevin Lee did apologize

Katie Maloney and her husband Tom Schwartz did confirm that Kevin Lee apologized. The thing is that doesn't mean that it didn't still bother her. Everyone saw it all go down on television. It turns out that he did send her a letter and say he was sorry.

Maybe Kevin wasn't thinking when he said those things to her. It really did hurt Katie, though and also changed the opinion that a lot of people had of him after seeing him talk to her that way.

The thing is Katie Maloney doesn't think that you should ever say anything like that at all. Of course, Maloney was upset when he said these things to her and it sounds like she would never say anything like that to someone.

You have to wonder if Kevin will be back on Bravo anytime in the future after that comment. He has been seen on the show a few times with Lisa Vanderpump.

Were you shocked by what Kevin Lee had to say to Katie Maloney last night on the show? Do you think he took it too far? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Vanderpump Rules" when they air on Monday nights on Bravo.