Today on "Live With Kelly and Ryan" they had an appearance from Arie Luyeyndyk Jr. The fans have been watching Arie on "The Bachelor" every Monday night and now he is sharing a bit about how he is doing.Of course, Arie can't give away any spoilers. They were in the Bahamas for this show instead of in New York.

What did Arie have to share?

Arie Luyendyk Jr. actually didn't share too much on this episode, but he did get to go to the Bahamas to be on it. He was there by himself because of course he can't spoil who he picks in the end and have them there with him for the show.

Kelly started talking to him about how he was on the show five years ago with Emily Maynard. You could tell Ryan Seacrest knew who his story from the show.

Arie explained that when he was with Emily on the show it was really only the time in his life that he felt ready to get married and ready to get engaged. It just made sense to Arie to go back to the show once again. Arie shared that he was friends with Jef Holm after the show and it would have been weird to go after Emily at that point after they split.

Arie talks about everyone watching and more

He shared that watching the show back he does see that he told some of the girls the same things. Arie admits all of the relationships are different, but ABC only shows a little bit of it.

They also touched about how Bekah was on the show and ended up on a missing person's list. He teased that you should call your parents. Kelly says that this made her think that this is the girl Arie picks in the end and that she went so far underground that her mom thought she was missing.

Kelly Ripa admits that she doesn't really watch the show.

They are in Paris tonight on the show. Kelly doesn't get why they get to go on these great dates and says they should do things more like what the future looks like such as going to Costco. Arie says in the start of relationships there is romance. Arie revealed that the group dates can last about 12 or 14 hours. Ryan even teased Arie to get rid of Krystal, and that could happen tonight seeing that she does go on a 2 on 1 date, which means it is time for someone to go home.

Arie admits that he fell in love, but won't admit if he is engaged or anything. He said that he wants everyone to see the ending. He says that he is very happy right now, though.

Are you excited to see who Arie Luyeyndyk Jr. ends up with this season? Don't miss new episodes of "The Bachelor" with Arie Luyendyk Jr. on Monday nights on ABC.