In shocking news, Josh Duggar went back to Rehab once again, but not for the reason that you think. When fans heard this news, they thought that he might be needing help once again, but luckily that isn't what was going on with the oldest Duggar son. Josh was actually there for a visit and not to get help. Radar Online was able to find out all of the details about why he went back to rehab.

Details about Josh's visit

It turns out that Josh Duggar went to visit the rehab center back in August of 2017. Somehow they were able to keep this all a secret.

He went to Rockford, Illinois to the faith-based rehab center, Reformers Unanimous. Josh didn't go by himself on this visit, though. He actually went with his wife Anna plus Michelle and Jim Bob, and siblings, John-David, Josiah and Justin. They all went to the facility together. An insider said, "He visited the men’s home and the church where God changed his life. It was a great reunion.”

For some reason, Josh and Anna didn't share about going back to rehab. This could be partially because the TLC cameras don't follow this couple around anymore now that they aren't on the show. Anna has been seen from time to time, but Josh's time is done.

Why did Josh return?

It has been over two years since Josh went to rehab and he hasn't needed to spend time there since then.

While they were there, they watched a music show. Josh ordered pizza for everyone while he was there as well. It sounds like Josh Duggar just went back for a big reunion with everyone there.

This place seems to have really helped Josh Duggar out. Since he got home, he has been able to work out his marriage with wife Anna Duggar and they even had another child.

When they went back to the rehab facility, Anna was just a few weeks from giving birth to their son Mason. The insider shared that their marriage is going great. The insider actually called their marriage "beyond beautiful." Right now, Josh is still living in Arkansas and working selling cars. It sounds like this is what he will be doing.

TLC has made the decision not to put him back on the network at all.

Are you shocked to hear that Josh Duggar ended up going back to rehab? Do you feel like he will ever be on television again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Counting On" when they return to TLC later this month. You won't be seeing Josh, but maybe fans will get to see some of Anna and their children plus their new boy Mason.