Leah Messer hasn't gone public with a new boyfriend for quite some time but could the "Teen Mom 2" star finally be dating someone new? Although Messer has remained tight-lipped in regard to her love life in recent weeks, a tweet shared earlier this week has fans wondering if she has finally found love after her two divorces years ago.

On February 6, In Touch Weekly magazine shared a report in regard to the longtime reality star's latest tweet, which mentioned someone who is making Leah Messer want to "write a love song." While Messer didn't reveal who it was that she was talking about, her fans and followers certainly wanted to know and asked about the possibility of a new boyfriend.

Unfortunately, Messer didn't answer any of her audience's many questions and instead chose to play coy about her tweet.

Leah Messer's relationship timeline revealed

During an early season of "Teen Mom 2" many years ago, Leah Messer married her very first husband, Corey Simms, after welcoming their twins one year beforehand. Six months later, after revealing she had shockingly slept with Robbie Kidd days before they walked down the aisle, they called it quits on their very brief marriage. One year later, Messer married second hubby Jeremy Calvert but their relationship was almost just as short-lived as that of her and Simms, and after welcoming daughter Addie, a.k.a. Adalynn Faith, in 2013, Messer was targeted with more claims of being unfaithful.

Since her divorces, Leah Messer has been romantically tied to a couple of different men, including a person named Scott, and was rumored to be living with T.R. Dues, a personal trainer, for some time. However, Messer didn't allow the trainer to film with her and instead chose to deny their relationship until after they split in 2016.

As fans of "Teen Mom 2" may remember, Corey Simms called Messer out about her relationship at a reunion special and noted that their daughter had told him Messer was living with Dues.

Leah Messer is doing great as a single mom

While Messer is single, she appears to be handling her mommy role quite well. In fact, she shares tons of pictures of her three daughters on Instagram regularly and frequently travels with them for cheerleading competitions and for fun vacations. So, when it comes to finding love, the mother of three may be a bit too busy to settle down with anyone in particular.

"Teen Mom 2" will return to MTV later this year.