Sean and Abby were on this last season of "90 Day Fiance" and they seemed like they would last. Now it turns out that it looks like there is Trouble In Paradise. In Touch Weekly shared the details about what Abby said that is making fans think that they are over.

If you don't remember, Sean and Abby got along, but her ex Chris was still in the picture, which caused a few problems. They seemed to have worked through those, but now it sounds like there are other issues.

What has fans wondering if they are over?

Abby Saint Germain and Sean Hiler might be over after a few things that Abby has posted on her social networks.

On Monday, February 5, Abby went to her Instagram story and shared a few things that had fans wondering. She said, "Nothing pi**ed [sic] me off more than when someone thinks he can tell me what I can do or not. I'm not gonna be anybody's submissive little b---h. I do whatever the eff I want. If u [sic] got a problem with that, move along." The thing is she never actually said that it was Sean she was talking about but everyone assumed that it was him.

This is not the first post that Abby has shared that has fans wondering, though. Last week she wrote one all about how you should never let a man decide what you should wear. Abby also talked about how if a man is abusive once then he is always abusive.

She never called out Sean on this one either. Some fans thought she might be talking about her ex-boyfriend Chris as well.

Are these two over?

Nobody really knows for sure if Abby and Sean are over because they aren't saying at all. She is commenting a bit here and there and making fans wonder, but there is no confirmation that they are over.

The fans would love for them to speak out about it.

The thing is Abby did share that she doesn't have any plans at all to go through with the K-1 Visa at all. Instead, Sean was supposed to be moving to live with her. When she shared this news, they were still together but hadn't got married yet. For now, the fans will just have to wait and see if these two end up staying together or not.

Hopefully, they will end up giving updates.

Do you feel like Sean and Abby of "90 Day Fiance" are done? Did you think that this couple would work? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "90 Day Fiance" when it returns to TLC. This show has already been renewed. If Sean and Abby aren't doing the K1-Visa process anymore, there isn't any reason for them to be on the show anymore.