Jenelle Evans of "Teen Mom 2" recently went to her Instagram story to post a picture that shocked a few people. This is the type that you can't see unless you check her story and it goes away. In this picture, she is showing off a bit of her body. Jenelle isn't being shy at all on this post.

What did Jenelle post?

In this photo, Jenelle Evans is wearing a pair of pants and no top at all. She is showing off her body. Jenelle is using her hair to cover up her breasts, so you can't totally see them. She posted "long hair, don't care" along with the wild picture.

Of course, Jenelle looks pretty great for being a mom. Right now if you check out Jenelle Evans pictures on Instagram that aren't on her story they aren't scandalous at all. Instead, she is just showing off her life as a mom and how things are going for her. The pictures that stick around are more about her life as a mom. Maybe that is why she chose to put it on her story instead.

What else is going on?

Blasting News recently shared that there have been some rumors that Jenelle Evans was expecting another child. She shot down those rumors by saying, "Now the @theinquisitr is FASELY trying to report that I’m pregnant with baby 4 and has @ok_magazine convinced and also writing FALSE statements about me once again.

So kill your curiosity, I’m not pregnant.[Sic]." It is pretty obvious that if she isn't admitting to being pregnant at all right now. Maybe that is why she posted a picture that shows how skinny she is without her top on. There was no baby bump showing in that picture at all.

Jenelle also just lost a pretty big gig with Blue Apron.

They are upset with her and aren't going to be using her anymore to promote their product. A lot of people tweeted to the company telling them that they shouldn't be using her as as their spokesperson and they decided to cut ties with the reality star. Posting pictures like this one isn't going to help her out with getting gigs like that one in the future.

It is all about being someone that makes the company look good.

Are you shocked by Jenelle Evans posting this picture of herself on her Instagram story? Do you think that more pics like this are coming? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Teen Mom 2" when it returns. The show will be back soon, but an exact date hasn't been confirmed yet. Fans are assuming after "Teen Mom OG" stops airing. The fans can't wait to see the new season of the show.