Jenelle Evans isn't amused by all the pregnancy speculation on social media. It all started (again) earlier this month when Jenelle posted a picture of herself and David Eason on either side of Ensley's high chair as they celebrated her first birthday. In the photo, Jenelle looked like she might be a little thicker in the middle than usual and that had many wondering about the status of her uterus. It's not like the "Teen Mom 2" star hasn't been pregnant before and tried to keep it a secret so many fans assumed that she was going that route again.

Jenelle blasts websites about pregnancy speculation

It seems that Jenelle Evans does read at least some of the "Teen Mom 2" gossip that is published about her. In the caption of her recent tweet, she wrote, "Now the @theinquisitr is FASELY trying to report that I’m pregnant with baby 4 and has @ok_magazine convinced and also writing FALSE statements about me once again. So kill your curiosity, I’m not pregnant.[Sic]"

The photo shows Jenelle's bare belly with one hand holding up her shirt and the other presumably taking the photo.

Viewers can clearly see Jenelle Evans' toned abs and it's safe to say that she doesn't look pregnant at all in this photo of her laying on her back in a pile of dead grass.

Naturally, comments came pouring in from those who follow Jenelle on Twitter. They ranged from fans asking why she's even entertaining the gossip, considering that the "Teen Mom 2" star said before that she wouldn't be doing that.

Others wanted to know what kind of diet and exercise routine she is on for her abs to be so flat. Others still called the reality star out on her failure to spell check her post before tweeting.

Why now?

Rumors about another possible Jenelle Evans pregnancy have been circulating for several weeks. It's interesting that Jenelle went out of her way to confirm that she's not pregnant following the "Teen Mom 2" special that aired on MTV last night and a fresh feud with Kailyn Lowry that popped up as it played.

Now that Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus are making huge headlines for their back and forth social media battle, it seems Jenelle Evans wants to make sure she gets some air time. It's no secret that Jenelle and Briana are good friends.

With a new season of "Teen Mom 2" coming soon and filming going on right now, everyone is working on their storyline and stoking up some drama. Apparently, Jenelle Evans wants to make sure none of that drama revolves around pregnancy rumors that involve her.