Jenelle Evans isn't very popular in the world of reality television. She is constantly slammed about her parenting and, in the past, has been accused of drug usage. It is public knowledge that Evans battled with heroin, especially in the early days of “16 and Pregnant” and “Teen Mom 2.” Now, she portrays herself as a good mom, celebrating her third child's first birthday just last month.

'Teen Mom 2' star gets fired

Recently, Jenelle Evans did a paid promo for the meal company Blue Apron. Once the ad got around, social media began pushing back. Customers were tweeting the company about using Evans as a spokesperson.

It wasn't exactly good publicity. According to OK Magazine, Jenelle Evans was fired by Blue Apron almost immediately after the backlash. They tweeted a statement about no longer partnering with the “Teen Mom 2” star and customers began praising the company. Some new users even signed up because of the quick response from the company.

Things for Jenelle Evans have been complicated since the beginning.

She has made a serious of bad choices, all chronicled on the MTV reality show. While Evans would fight back and say she has changed, fans are not impressed with her at all. In fact, many of them troll her on social media. Jenelle was recently involved in a Twitter fight with “Teen Mom 2” co-star, Kailyn Lowry. On Monday night, MTV aired a “Teen Mom” special, and when Lowry tweeted about Evans' wedding footage, it was game on.

Jenelle was less than classy with her response to Kail calling her wedding a “sh*t show,” and called out Lowry for wanting a “black baby.”

Future endeavors

This lost gig is a big deal in the world of reality stars. Jenelle Evans was actually removed due to public outcry, which means other companies may not want to do anything with her in the future.

She does still have “Teen Mom 2,” though it is unclear how long that will last if she continues to refuse to film and blow up on the crew. Farrah Abraham was fired for her mistreatment of the crew, so how much will they take from Evans?

News of the lost gig has been traveling like wildfire. Jenelle Evans was dropped because of social media outcry, which is a big thing in today's society. She has not commented about the lost gig yet, but that doesn't mean she won't. It looks like things aren't going as well for the “Teen Mom 2” star as she tries to make others believe. Critics are waiting for her to lash out at any point now.