Jenelle Evans is doing her best to dig herself and her husband out of the hole he got them in on Twitter over the last few days. With "Teen Mom 2" fans and even stars of the show calling for MTV to fire the controversial couple after David Eason's homophobic rant, Jenelle came to his defense, denying that she or her husband are homophobic.

David offends

David Eason came under fire after sharing some pretty controversial opinions on Twitter on Monday. Seemingly out of nowhere, Jenelle's husband tweeted, "Lmao why don't you go tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals?

Oh I forgot thats supposed to be normal."

His words infuriated many social media users, initially causing David to delete the tweets. They started getting even more attention when a handful of "Teen Mom 2" stars started tweeting about how offensive he was and asking MTV to fire David and Jenelle for saying such shocking things on social media.

Jenelle defends

Jenelle Evans came to David's defense after the outcry to have the controversial couple fired. Jenelle already has said that David didn't realize how big of an impact his words could have on Twitter even though he's been on social media before. It looks like his little stint on Twitter was short-lived and Eason is not expected to be returning.

"David didn't understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works. Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on."

The thing is, even if David Eason keeps his shocking and incredibly offensive opinions off Twitter, that doesn't change the way he feels.

Between the homophobic rant and recently getting everyone upset by posting pictures of Jenelle shooting an assault rifle just hours after a school shooting, he really upset a lot of people.

"David doesn't hate people from the LGBT community," Jenelle said of her husband. "My old manager was gay and used to be one of me and David's close friends. We attended Farrah's birthday in Miami with a lot of LGBT people there and he didn't act in any type of way. We went had a good time and left."

In the end, Jenelle Evans apologized for David Eason's rant, throwing in, "We are sorry for the comments that were made." It's not clear yet how far that apology will get them. Those who were calling for MTV to fire them still are.

In the meantime, MTV and producers for the "Teen Mom" shows haven't commented on the shocking comments made on Twitter yet. There's no telling yet if that means the end for them on "Teen Mom 2" or not.