In case you didn’t know, Jinger Duggar and her husband Jeremy Vuolo are the majority of people’s favorite Duggar couple. The reason for that is because this Duggar pair are far more relaxed when it comes to certain issues. For instance, in the Duggar family, women aren’t supposed to wear pants because of their religion, but Jinger didn’t like that rule and decided to rock a pair of skinny jeans. Well, now Jinger and her husband are expecting a baby later in the year, and many people are wondering if she will be giving birth on the family’s TLC reality Television Series “Counting On.”

What makes people think that Jinger Duggar will deliver her baby on the television program?

Now, although Jinger Duggar has yet to announce if she will be having her baby on “Counting On” some fans are thinking that she definitely will be.

The main reason as to why people are thinking that Jinger will have the baby on television is because of the fact that her sisters Jill and Jessa Duggar already have had the births of some of their children featured on the show so maybe Jinger wants to follow in their footsteps. Another one of the reasons that a few people are thinking that she will be giving birth on the series is the fact that she is already documenting her pregnancy journey on social media, so why wouldn’t she want to document the baby's birth on television? For example, Jinger recently went onto her Instagram account and uploaded a picture of herself at eighteen weeks pregnant to update fans on how she is doing with her pregnancy.

I have attached that Instagram picture below so you can see with your own eyes what Jinger looks like at eighteen weeks pregnant.

What is everyone else in the Duggar family up to?

The Duggar family have been in the news a lot recently, and some of it is for good reasons while some of it is for all the wrong reasons. A positive reason as to why the family were in the news was because their television series “Counting On” will begin airing its new season in the upcoming days so the Duggar family have been all over the news while they were promoting it.

However, while they were advertising for the new season of the show in Australia they managed to stir up some controversy and that is why they were in the news for all the wrong reasons. Not only did one of the parents get a speeding ticket but Jim Bob made a rather offensive joke about Jana Duggar being single, and it is safe to say that this annoyed a lot of fans online.