Adam Lind is currently facing an arrest after reportedly failing to pay child support to his ex-girlfriend, Taylor Halbur, for their four-year-old daughter, Paislee Mae Lind. According to a new report, a warrant was put out for the arrest of the former "Teen Mom 2" star in the amount of $2,025. However, Lind reportedly owes his former girlfriend much more than that amount.

“[Adam] has a warrant out for his arrest for being behind on child support,” a spokesperson from the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office in South Dakota told Radar Online on February 20.

A source then told the outlet that Lind reportedly owes Halbur a whopping $16,000 in child support and was ordered on February 12 to pay $500 each month to Taylor Halbur. While Lind was previously responsible for making payments to Halbur, their case was modified earlier this month, which a clerk for the Minnehaha County Court confirmed. Before that, he was required to pay $1,203 to Halbur each month.

Does Adam Lind still see his youngest daughter?

Since leaving "Teen Mom 2" over a year ago, Adam Lind hasn't spent much time with his youngest child, daughter Paislee. In fact, the Radar Online insider claimed he hasn't seen her since last August, one month before the child celebrated her fourth birthday.

“He doesn’t call or check in," the source claimed. "[Paislee] doesn’t even see his family.” Another source close to the ex-reality star said that Lind doesn't make time for either one of his children.

Nearly two years ago, Lind first began facing financial hardships as two arrest warrants were put out for him after he allegedly failed to pay nearly $10,000 to both Halbur and Chelsea Houska, the mother of his older daughter, eight-year-old Aubree.

However, Lind ultimately paid both women their overdue amounts.

Adam Lind hasn't been doing well since leaving 'Teen Mom 2'

On November 2 of last year, Lind was taken into custody after being accused of getting physical with his ex-girlfriend. One month later, he was arrested for a second time after he allegedly violated the no-contact order that was put into place after the first arrest.

He is now required to stay far away from Stasia Huber for the next five years.

As for his life with his kids, the insider said Adam Lind has the potential to be a good father to his children but at this point in time, he doesn't appear to be focused on the girls. Instead, he's reportedly spending his time working on his cars and sleeping.