On Valentine's Day, 17 people were killed when a shooter terrorized a Florida high school. Hours later, David Eason posted two pictures of his wife, Jenelle Evans, brandishing a similar looking weapon as the one used by the shooter. Quickly, he comments section filled up with "Teen Mom 2" fans who couldn't believe that Jenelle's husband would post something so insensitive just hours after the shocking school massacre.

David doesn't want to hear it

After posting the shocking photos of Jenelle, David Eason was bombarded with feedback, both on Instagram and Twitter.

Jenelle Evans' husband quickly disabled comments on Instagram within an hour of the photo being posted, but he left it up. Jenelle actually deleted the photo when she realized how controversial it had become. Even then, Jenelle took to Twitter and posted about the "bad timing," making sure to get an eye-roll in for good measure.

Then, after just 10 days on Twitter, David also went private, only allowing those who were already following him to see what else he was up to on social media. Only then did David make the photo of Jenelle his avatar on Twitter so that those who he allows to follow him can see it now.

It seems that the "Teen Mom 2" husband still doesn't care about how upsetting the pictures were in such a short amount of time after the shooting.

Even after the reasons people were so upset about the photos of Jenelle were explained to him repeatedly, David Eason continued to defend the photos and guns in general.

Jenelle Evans' husband posts again

With the backlash over Jenelle Evans' photos still raging, David Eason took to Instagram again and posted a meme this time.

The meme said, "Legal gun owners have over 200M guns and 12 trillions rounds of ammo. Seriously people, if we were a problem you’d know it."

"Everyone needs to focus on keeping their family protected and safe instead of focusing on how to deplete our country of its self protection rights!" David captioned the shocking meme. It's clear that he thinks the solution to America's shooting problem is to have more guns.

This time around, David left the comments on and "Teen Mom 2" fans didn't hold back. Some said they were unfollowing him, clearly offended not only by his insensitivity but also in the way he continued to add to the drama, seemingly for shock value.

Of course, there were a few people that agreed with David Eason and Jenelle Evans. Those few continued to egg the "Teen Mom 2" couple on. Meanwhile, others called them out for even owning a gun, claiming that they are exactly the type of people who shouldn't be able to purchase firearms.

"Raise your kids better instead of worrying about how many AR-15s you can get your hands on. If they did background checks properly you and your wife shouldn’t be able to own a damn one," one commenter told Eason in the comments of his Instagram post.

Still, another said, "You can still protect your family WITHOUT AN an AR15. I mean seriously- when would you NEED an AR15? during a zombie apocalypse?"

It's pretty clear that David Eason feels completely justified in owning and using firearms, even with a house full of kids. Quite a few "Teen Mom 2" fans seem pretty shocked with how insensitive he was about posting pictures of it and refusing to take them down on the day of one of the deadliest high school shootings in recent history.