Lala Kent seems to have a secret admirer and soon, his identity won't be so secret. In a just-released sneak peek at the remaining episodes of the sixth season of "Vanderpump Rules," james kennedy is seen apparently admitting to harboring feelings for his co-star, despite being involved in a years-long relationship with pageant queen Raquel Leviss.

In the first scene from the sneak peek clip, Lala Kent and James Kennedy are seen in the bathroom together and as Kennedy prepares to exit the shower, Kent tells him, "I'm naked still." During the following scene, Kent is seen sitting down with Kennedy's girlfriend, who tells her, "You had a history together." As the preview clip continues, Kent and Kennedy sit down for an emotional talk about his feelings for his "Vanderpump Rules" co-star.

"You have to understand Lala, I've loved you," James Kennedy tells Lala Kent, who has tears in her eyes. "Please stop doing that," she replies.

James Kennedy unleashes fury on Randall Emmett

During a previous episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Kent and Kennedy were seen coming to blows at a restaurant after Kennedy accused Kent of failing to have respect for his girlfriend. Kennedy then took further aim at Kent's relationship with Lala by claiming that she is only sleeping with her boyfriend Randall Emmett because he pays her bills. He even called Emmett fat.

After the episode aired, Lala Kent took to her Twitter page to release a statement, confirming that she was no longer friends with James Kennedy due to his shocking statements against her relationship.

She also said that she wouldn't allow someone to take aim at the person she loves the most.

James Kennedy faced gay rumors weeks ago

On the show weeks ago, after his longtime friend Logan Noh claimed they were hooking up, rumors began swirling which suggested Kennedy was either bi-sexual or gay. As fans watched, Noh made claims of having hooked up with the SUR Lounge DJ during an episode of the show at the end of last month but later took back his claims, stating that he only said them because he was jealous of Kennedy's relationship with Leviss.

In the weeks since the show aired, Kennedy's friendship with Noh has come to an end and on social media, Kennedy recently deleted all photos of his former friend.

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