It looks like Jenelle Evans may finally be Fired from "Teen Mom 2." This isn't the first time fans have called for MTV to fire the controversial star but after David Eason's latest outburst on social media, it looks like they finally may have gone too far. So far, MTV has been silent on the controversy despite petitions to fire Jenelle and David on top of a growing Twitter campaign to remove them from the show.

MTV will respond

At this point, the controversy surrounding David Eason's homophobic rant may be the reason Jenelle Evans finally gets fired by MTV.

The controversial assault rifle photos just days before are probably not helping their situation either. While no one from MTV has commented on the shocking tweets yet, Radar Online reports that "Teen Mom 2" fans will be hearing something official soon.

"The execs at MTV are having a meeting on Wednesday to discuss firing Jenelle,” said a Radar source. "It isn’t looking good for her. They’re definitely leaning towards firing her."

It looks like the public outcry may have helped motivate MTV to make a decision about Jenelle and David now.

The Radar source makes it sound like David's recent Twitter activity could become a problem for the entire "Teen Mom" franchise.

“Her world is very soon going to crash down around her. The network has no choice but to take action after such a reckless set of events, or risk losing the entire franchise,” the source said.

“She’s in serious hot water.”

Jenelle tried to clean up the mess

Prior to reports that Jenelle's job may really be on the line, she tried to do a bit of cleanup with TMZ. She told the outlet that she and David don't have a problem with homosexuals and then just tried to blame his antics on not knowing how Twitter works.

"David didn't understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works," Jenelle explained.

"Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on."

While it's true that David Eason was only on Twitter for a short time, those following along with the latest "Teen Mom 2" drama weren't buying that excuse. Especially since he recently posted Jenelle Evans' gun photos on Instagram and then followed that up with a controversial meme when his critics started to comment on it about how insensitive it was to post the gun photos just hours after a tragic school shooting.

David clearly knows how far his social media reach is due to his association with MTV and "Teen Mom." Well, at least for now. After other "Teen Mom 2" stars freaked out in reaction to the homophobic rant and called for MTV to fire them both, both David Eason and Jenelle Evans deleted their Twitter accounts. According to the Radar Online report, fans may find out as early as tomorrow if they'll be losing their spot on reality TV too.