"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers reveal that there could be a major casting shake up in the near future. As many "DOOL" fans know, the teen scene in Salem has been greatly depleted. After Jayde left town, Joey turned himself in to the police to serve a prison sentence for the murder of Ava Vitall, and Theo Carver left Salem in order to head to South Africa to enroll in a special program after being shot and paralyzed by JJ Deveraux.

Will JT return to Salem after all these years?

This means that there are only three young adult characters left in Salem.

Ciara Brady, Claire Brady, and Tripp Dalton are currently holding down the fort as the "Days of our Lives" young guns. However, another character could always pop up to enter the mix. Recently, reports have suggested that the NBC soap opera could bring back a character from the past, that some "DOOL" fans may not remember. One option to shake up the younger crowd on the show would be to bring back JT.

JT's dramatic birth

As many "Days of our Lives" fans may remember, JT was the son of Hope and Bo Brady. Hope found out that she was pregnant after a stint as Princess Gina, the alter ego that Stefano Dimera had brainwashed her to be. During the same time as Hope's pregnancy, Lexi Carver and her husband Abe were also in the process of adopting a baby belonging to Dr.

Rolf's niece, Margo. Because Stefano believed that Hope's child may be his, he had the babies switched. Bo and Hope took home Margo's child, whom they named JT, and Lexi and Abe adopted the other little boy and named him Isaac after Margo tragically died. However, soon Glen, the father of Margo's baby came to Salem and wanted his son back.

He eventually realized that JT, not Isaac, was his son and a custody battle ensued.

Hope lost both of her young sons

Glen ended up winning custody of JT, and it nearly crushed Bo and Hope. They later regained custody of their biological son, Isaac, whom they renamed Zack. However, "Days of our Lives" fans know that Zack was tragically killed by his half-sister, Chelsea Brady, who ran him over with her car.

The losses both took their toll on Hope, and if JT were to return to Salem for a storyline, it would definitely be interesting to see him interact with Hope now that he's an adult.

Days of our Lives fans are on the edge of their seats trying to figure out what head writer, Ron Carlivati, will do next in Salem, and with all of the dramatic storylines that are currently happening it seems that anything is possible.