"Days of our Lives" spoilers have finally revealed the name of the person who has been poisoning Steve Johnson. While many "DOOL" fans have come up with theories that it could possibly be someone from Steve's past, such as a shockingly alive Ava, or someone from her family, or any one of Steve's old enemies. However, it seems that the person hurting Steve will be someone very close to him, someone, whom he considers to be one of the most important people in his life.

John is to blame!

According to the latest "Days of our Lives" news and spoilers from Soap Hub, Steve Johnson is being poisoned by his best friend, John Black.

While many "DOOL" fans will be shocked, it will be revealed that John is actually the person who has been slipping Steve the substance that has been making him feel out of sorts, impairing his vision, and messing with his overall health. This doesn't seem like the John that fans know and love, so there must be something else to this story, right?

Is 'The Pawn' back?

John Black will be keeping his new shocking behavior from his beloved wife, Marlena Evans, who will likely be completely stunned when she finally learns what John has been up to. However, there could be a perfectly understandable reason for John's crazy behavior. As many "Days Of Our Lives" fans may remember, when John first came to Salem many, many years ago he was known as The Pawn.

John had been brainwashed and programmed by Stefano DiMera to do his bidding. At this time John was being held by Steve. So if for some reason John has reverted back to his old ways, he may remember his past conflict with Steve and could be looking to get revenge on his old enemy.

Is Stefan behind this?

If John is going back to his former life as The Pawn, it seems interesting that he would do so just as Stefano's long lost son, Stefan O.

DiMera, played by actor Tyler Christopher, has arrived in Salem. Stefan has already started causing chaos in the DiMera family by moving into the mansion with Chad, Abigail, Andre, and Kate, and also announcing that he contacted the board of DiMera Enterprises and got them to agree to make him CEO of the company. While "Days of our Lives" fans know that Stefan and Vivian are working together to take major control of the company, little else is known about Salem's newest bad boy. In fact, if he is evil and devilish like his father, Stefano, it remains to be seen. John reverting back to The Pawn may be Stefan's first really shocking act in Salem.