Briana DeJesus of "Teen Mom 2" hasn't been shy about the fact that she was getting plastic surgery done. She actually let the fans know about plans. Now, OK! Magazine is sharing that Briana has revealed the results of her surgery to fans and she isn't being shy about it at all. More of it could end up being aired on the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2."

What surgery did she get done?

Briana wore a skin-tight shirt and some came shorts to show off how she looks now and she looks great. Briana got the surgery done in mid-January and it was with Dr.

Miami in Florida. This was the second time she has had plastic surgery done. It sounds like if Briana ends up pregnant again she might not be against doing it once again. She seems to like the work that Dr. Miami does and working with him so you can assume he is the one who will always do her surgery.

Briana DeJesus actually went in and got several things done. She got a breast lift, tummy tuck, and butt reshaping procedure. In the picture below, you can see part of the surgery, but you can't see what happened with her butt reshaping. You know she will eventually share those results as well. Briana DeJesus looks great for just having surgery done so recently.

How is she doing now?

Briana DeJesus shared that she is back again, but can't button her pants because it hurts from the surgery.

This was her second time to have plastic surgery done, so she knew what she was going into by doing it. Back in early 2016 after only having one child she had some surgery done. Now Briana has two children and decided it was time to get more done. She wants to look her best and working with Dr. Miami does that for her.

She didn't share the details about how she is feeling exactly, but it sounds like the tummy tuck is making it hard for her to get her pants buttoned without pain.

It may take a bit for her to get through it. She seems to be up and moving around, which is great news. It is hard to take care of two children after surgery.

Are you shocked that Briana DeJesus got plastic surgery? What do you think of her results? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss new episodes of "Teen Mom 2" when it returns to MTV.

So far, they have not announced the exact return date, but hopefully, as soon as "Teen Mom OG" is done airing it will be back. It would be great if the cameras were able to catch some of the drama that has been going on lately and also Brian's big plastic surgery trip to Florida to see Dr. Miami.