Catelynn Lowell has been back in rehab for several weeks now and Tyler Baltierra is currently holding down the fort while she's away. The problem is, Tyler isn't having an easy time lately, either. That hasn't stopped the "Teen Mom OG" dad's critics from continuing to come at him with negativity but thankfully, Tyler has been able to let it roll off and sometimes he even turns it into a joke.

One thing is for sure, throughout his journey and especially lately, Tyler Baltierra has been very open with fans, leaving himself vulnerable to the negative reports that come out.

One of those reports recently claimed that Tyler must have a mental condition based on the mess in his house. A mess that he photographed and shared with everyone.

Sticking up for Tyler on Twitter

A fan saw the report on Tyler's mental health and took offense to the premise. They claimed that the state of Baltierra's home is proof that the "Teen Mom OG" dad needs to get mental help himself.

Making sure to tag Tyler, one Twitter user wrote, "a house can be messy, but it doesn’t mean the person has a mental condition! These “news” sites have nothing better to report about I give you so much credit for what you’re doing. It’s not easy, but you’re doing an amazing job haters gonna hate!"

Now Tyler may or may not need help but that probably doesn't have anything to do with his messy living room.

Earlier this month, Tyler even had a breakdown on camera and chose to share it with his fans. In the wake of Catelynn's absence, he explained that he has good days and bad days. That being one of the bad days. He's been very honest about his struggles.

Tyler admits his problem

As most "Teen Mom OG" fans know, Tyler Baltierra often responds to his fans on social media.

This time was no exception and he did react to claims that he has a mental condition. In fact, Tyler admitted that he does, in fact, have something going on.

"Omg, this is hilarious! Yeah, I definitely have a mental condition, it’s called “toddler mania” #DadLife," Tyler replied, followed by three laughing hysterical emojis.

Well, at least Tyler Baltierra has a sense of humor about the negativity that he can't avoid due to his status as a reality star. He also seems pretty comfortable with the clutter. Tyler isn't lying when he says that raising kids can be messy.

Right now he seems to be doing a great job raising Novalee by himself. They are even headed to Arizona to see Catelynn Lowell at the rehab facility for a family week. He alerted fans that he would be gone and their clothing company, Tierra Reign will be closed until after he gets back.

Tyler already revealed that he's bracing for an emotional few days. Hopefully, things will go well for Tyler and Catelynn and even Novalee as they all spend some time together.