There has been a lot of speculation about what is going on with Tyler Baltierra's Sister. The "Teen Mom OG" star is now speaking out about her and what is going on. He went to his Twitter to share his thoughts and isn't holding back.

Last night, Tyler and his wife Catelynn went to tell their families all about how they were expecting a new baby. Cate's mom started crying right away when the news came out. They are hoping for a boy, but just don't know if that will be the case or not and said they will keep trying if it isn't a boy this time. Tyler even went and told his dad on his own.

Tyler's sister Amber was seen on the show last night and this was what got everyone talking. She has been living with Tyler's dad in Catelynn's old house.

Tyler isn't holding back

Tyler went to Twitter to lash out at people talking about his sister. He said, "So for everyone commenting on my sister’s situation. 1) Remember my father is a drug addict who has mastered the art of manipulation. 2) The bill was getting transferred from my dads name into hers & the power was out for literally 4 hours. 3) Her kids are fed & taken care of FYI." Fans have to wonder if Tyler is helping out with the kids, but he didn't say that he was doing that at all.

The fans are responding to him saying things like that he should quit reading comments and just focus on his life.

One fan said, "I just liked when she said “I just want to go to moms and sleep and do nothing” lol don’t we ALL!!!" There are rumors that she has been on drugs and a few of the fans are speaking out to him about those, but he isn't replying to it. A lot of fans are commenting on what a great guy he is because he is defending her right now.

All about Tyler's sister

His sister's name is Amber and she is a bit older than Tyler. Amber has two children of her own. This is his only sibling. She is married to Billy Wade Elkins Jr. and they seem really happy together. She has a dog of her own and works at a grooming salon. If you check out her Instagram, she is constantly talking about how great her husband is and makes it obvious that they really care about each other.

It sounds like she does have someone on her side.

Amber isn't really on reality television, but being Tyler Baltierra's sister is enough to make people interested in her and what is going on in her life. They want to know all of the details. Tyler and Amber do seem like they are pretty close to each other.

What do you think of what Tyler Baltierra had to say about his sister? Do you feel like he is being honest with fans? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "Teen Mom OG" when they air on Monday nights on MTV.